Crossfit Performance – An Introduction

I am a chiropractor. I am also an athlete and trainer at Crossfit Performance. There’s that word, “Crossfit”. This is one of the most controversial words that is discussed with regard to fitness. Some say yes and most say no. Today I will discuss the truth about what a real Crossfit facility should be and why it is the future of fitness.

People think Crossfit is:


-Only for “extreme people”


-Only for people who enjoy pain

– etc.

The urban dictionary shows this definition:

“A bunch of rich white people paying $250/mo. to have an uncredentialed coach instruct them to have spasms with PVC pipe and seizures on pull-up bars until they vomit. They generally do this for a period of 10-30 minutes and call it a workout. Those who partake in these group activities also have the option to pay $1000 to attend a weekend course where they have an alcoholic instruct them how to better lift their PVC pipe. Some people who do these activities may also confuse being nauseous with being elite.”

Wow… This may be true if the Crossfit-style workouts were actually that high of intensity all the time (For some Crossfit gyms, that is the case. A workout is written on the board, it involves a complex olympic lift along with a decent run and pushups. The owner says, “3-2-1 go” and the members struggle through the workout, dropping weights, going passed a threshold while gasping for air, and feeling nauseated.). These types of facilities are responsible for the aforementioned image of negativity and potential injury.

Crossfit Performance (CFP) does not approve of the above definition or scenario. Led by Ben Kelly, CFP “teaches basic to advanced level classes in functional exercise, athletic conditioning, plyometrics, kettlebell training, Olympic weightlifting, medicine ball and dumbbell training, power-lifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and jumping rope. Our students are extremely diverse in their experience, conditioning, and lives; and include students, business executives, stay-at-home moms, athletes, and martial artists.”

In order to join the facility, every person must enlist in a month-long program that teaches all of the complex components in detail, focussing on proper form and safety. Our athletes are never advised to be pushed to a point of complete breakdown and nausea.

In fact, the largest emphasis at CFP is placed on ADEQUATE REST AND NUTRITION! CFP is not just another gym; we are a family that shares a common goal of looking good, feeling good, and performing well in all aspects of life.

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