Ice Massage for Bursitis


Hey Everyone,

We did 100 Turkish Get Ups today and may have caused some irritation to the knees and elbows.  So, here is a quick explanation on how to cut down the bruising/inflammation.

A bursa is a little pillow that lies within or around a major joint of the body.  It allows for less friction around the joint (so the muscles can move better) because they are filled with synovial fluid (basically water with some nutrients).  The consistency is that of an uncooked eggwhite.

Inflammation of these bursae is called bursitis and can occur by constant irritation directly over a certain bursa (in this case the knee and the elbow).  Not to worry, though.  Ice massage will help decrease the inflammation, block some of the bruising pain, and increase the amount of time that it will take to resolve.

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~Dr. Andrew “Spider” Yaun

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