The Yaun Chiropractic Wellness Program

The Yaun Chiropractic Wellness Program

How many times does a health care professional have to tell a patient to drink more water, eat healthier, stop smoking, exercise regularly, etc.?  From the doctor’s perspective, we feel like a broken record.  From the patient’s perspective… we sound like a broken record.  Why is there no change?

Look.  Most people “know” what to do to achieve a higher level of health.  The problem is that most people throw the following word out there to make themselves feel as if they are doing all that they can.  The word is, “try” (sometimes accompanied with “usually”).

“I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep.”

“I usually try to eat breakfast.”

“I usually have some chicken with a piece of fruit for lunch.”

“I try to exercise/run/go to the gym 4 days per week.”

I don’t want to hear any of these statements.  I want to hear EXACTLY what you did this past week for exercise. I want to hear EXACTLY what you had for breakfast the past 4 days.  Not only that, but I want to know what time you put anything in your mouth and how much!  It’s time to be brutally honest with ourselves.

The Yaun Chiropractic Wellness Program provides the community with a direct route towards better health.  The dedication can only come from you.  You have to WANT to achieve a better health status.  It’s a lack of this dedication that allows no change in lifestyle.

The following are taken into consideration for the wellness program:

–          Nutrition

–          Sleeping habits

–          Exercise

–          Stress Management

–          Recreational Activities/ Hobbies

–          Mood

One final thought.  This excuse is very common, “I don’t have time”.  Yes you do.  Yaun Chiropractic guarantees the incorporation of an exercise program that can fit into any daily schedule.  Let’s be brutally honest and take action towards better health.  We’re here to help.

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